Clarity Session Questionnaire

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What are you looking to breakthrough and improve?

If you checked "other" above, please describe what you would like help with.  

It is always my preference to take people on a journey into massive transformation and create lasting change.  What is one change you would like to make over the next 6 months?

If you made this change, what would be the greatest result in your life or business?

If you do not make this change, what will be the consequences?

How committed are you to working through your blocks?

I use a variety of tools with my clients and one of my favorites is EFT.  Are you familiar with EFT(emotional freedom technique/tapping)?

How did you hear about my services?

Clarity sessions are done over the phone.  If we are a good fit for working together, we will make a plan to work in-office or over the phone as it is convenient for you.  Please list 3 days/times that might work to get on the phone for a clarity session.